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Derick Montez tattooer living in San Francisco. Working at Everlasting Tattoo. For appointments email me at drockmontez@gmail.com

Word words hashtags hashtags. (at Everlasting Tattoo)
Opening this Friday in San Diego at @mastertattoo1949 ! Email me if interested!
🐭! #everlastingtattoo #derickmontez (at Everlasting Tattoo)
" How much for a tramp stamp?" (at Everlasting Tattoo)
Made this fun lady on my new pal @bexterslab92 ! #everlastingtattoo #derickmontez  (at Everlasting Tattoo)
Loving all the Native American request lately! Fun thunder bird on  Hannah! 🌵🌵 #derickmontez #everlastingtattoo (at Everlasting Tattoo)
Made this one fun tattoo on Chris of singer @beyonce based on her video ” why don’t you love me”! Thanks dude! #everlastingtattoo #derickmontez  (at Everlasting Tattoo)
Thanks @anthonymastallone and @taylorstitch for the awesome apron! (at Everlasting Tattoo)
Battle style on the homie @barntrash ! #everlastingtattoo #derickmontez
Party wolf! Thanks Pete!
San Diego! I’m happy to be working at Tahiti Felix’s Tattoo in down town San Diego. Email me at drockmontez@gmail.com for appointments!
Finished this Pharaoh’s horses today! Sometimes I think I’m comedic genius or a complete spaz!! Making ten prints on for 25 bucks a pop. Email me at drockmontez@gmail.com if interested!  (at Everlasting Tattoo)
Made this classic on Mark today! #everlastingtattoo #derickmontez (at Everlasting Tattoo)
Made this really fun cover up on walk in today ⚡️⚡️⚡️#everlastingtattoo #derickmontez (at Everlasting Tattoo)
Keeping her clean…..
#hondadream #sanfrancisco #backontheroadsoon